Scientists say that agriculture is what made the difference between being a barbarian and being a civilized person. That is, if our ancestors hadn’t found a way to cultivate and breed plants, most probably we would still be roaming the vast deserts in search of food.

But, can you imagine how different agriculture would have looked like in the absence of engines and motor fuels? Bear with us for a quick illustration. The fuel crisis in the summer of 2000, when oil refineries and fuel distribution depots were blocked by protestors, resulted in apocalyptic warnings. Even industry leaders alerted that they may be out of their food supplies within days. The equation is simple: no fuel = no food.

We don’t want to sound too important or anything, but, we solve problems similar to this one. So, you should already know this by now. When it comes to your agricultural company, two more equations apply:

1) Your company – Springtown Fuels = No fuel.
2) Your company + Springtown Fuels = No problems.

Based in the Derry or Donegal areas and in need of a reliable source of oil and fuel for your agricultural equipment or heat growing areas?

It’s harvest time and you need service immediately?

You know how to reach us. And you already know the prices.

Yes – they’re correct.


This much you already know: Springtown Fuels started as a small family owned business thirteen years ago and grew famous enough so that you are currently interested in its offers. Well, there’s a reason for that.

First of all, no company can last that long in this fast-paced modern society if it doesn’t offer at least four things: reliability, quality, quick delivery, and cheap prices.

We’ve offered them all, day in day out, for more than a decade, and we’ve expanded. Now, we can straightforwardly update our guarantees: responsive at all times, fuel of the highest quality, regular single day deliveries (almost always), lowest prices.

It doesn’t matter if you need fuel delivered to a large factory or a small school, to the nearest hospital or your distant commercial property. We’ve got you covered. We have delivered fuel to many premises, and, if our longevity can’t convince you, our list of customers certainly will. Just have a look at the testimonials.

In fact, you can already start writing yours, since we assure you that you would recommend us too many. Because we make sure that you have oil when you need it, as much as you need, and as fast as you can say “Springtown Fuels rocks!”

Solid Fuels

Whether gaseous, liquid or solid – we know our fuels. Just in case you don’t and need some information before making the right choice, here’s a brief overview of the solid fuels Springtown can offer you at any time and in almost any quantity:

Smokeless egg-shaped coal providing great heat and lasting glow; great solution for multifuel stoves and smoke free zones.

May your fire burn smokeless, clean and long with these small pieces of Grade A anthracite; suitable for glass-fronted fires or AGA/Rayburn stoves.

A popular fuel for domestic open fires, premium doubles is just the right size (30-50 mm) to be an all-around energy player.

When in doubt which coal to buy for an open fire in non-controlled smoke area, don’t hesitate to opt for house coal; smaller than premium doubles, but still good heat output and long fire life.

A blend of high quality coals, premium coal burns intensely and leaves as little residual ash as possible; the finest coal we provide and one of the best on the market.

Rough slack made finer: very delicate coal pieces which make banking a fire overnight a child’s play.

So, what are you waiting for? Light that fire and get the party started!

You’re just few clicks away!


Fuel Poverty

You may be old enough to remember that before the construction of Scotland-Northern Ireland pipeline (SNIP) interconnector (1992-1996), Northern Ireland had no access to natural gas.

As a consequence, there is no country in Western Europe where more domestic homes use oil: more than two thirds of the population of Northern Ireland (up to four fifths in rural areas) use oil as their primary heating source. Even scarier, about half of them live in something scientists call “fuel poverty”, meaning, they spend more than a tenth of their income on energy.

How do we know all of this? Well, for one, we’re in the business long enough, and, what is more, we like to know everything about we do. Because we love our job and we love helping you.

Springtown Fuels, Your #1 Choice

So, let us tell you why, when it comes to your domestic oil needs, “Springtown Fuels” should be your first choice.

It addresses the primary problem: if you don’t have enough heating oil, we’ll get it for you as soon as possible. With depots in Bay Road and Bridgend, we can guarantee you fast transfer. Single day delivery for most cases, in fact.

We’ll also get your fuel at a fair price: we’re family owned and know what spending a tenth of your income on energy means. We know how to care for our customers.

In fact, this is why we’ve taken our services one step further. We have made purchasing heating oil even simpler than calling: you can order heating oil online.

Just click the button above, select your quantity, fill-in the form – and we’ll be there in no time!