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You may be old enough to remember that before the construction of Scotland-Northern Ireland pipeline (SNIP) interconnector (1992-1996), Northern Ireland had no access to natural gas.

As a consequence, there is no country in Western Europe where more domestic homes use oil: more than two thirds of the population of Northern Ireland (up to four fifths in rural areas) use oil as their primary heating source. Even scarier, about half of them live in something scientists call “fuel poverty”, meaning, they spend more than a tenth of their income on energy.

How do we know all of this? Well, for one, we’re in the business long enough, and, what is more, we like to know everything about we do. Because we love our job and we love helping you.


So, let us tell you why, when it comes to your domestic oil needs, “Springtown Fuels” should be your first choice.

It addresses the primary problem: if you don’t have enough heating oil, we’ll get it for you as soon as possible. With depots in Bay Road and Bridgend, we can guarantee you fast transfer. Single day delivery for most cases, in fact.

We’ll also get your fuel at a fair price: we’re family owned and know what spending a tenth of your income on energy means. We know how to care for our customers.

In fact, this is why we’ve taken our services one step further. We have made purchasing heating oil even simpler than calling: you can order heating oil online.

Just enter your postcode, select your quantity, order your oil – and we’ll be there in no time!

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